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how to learn coding ? what should be road map of learning to code.

what should be a road map of learning to code?- Do you want to develop your own game, software, mobile application and website? Do you want to learn to code and don't know how to start coding? so I think you are the right place. here today I will tell you what should be a road map of learning to code and how to learn coding. let's begin. I guess you all are a little bit familiar with coding. I hope you all know what is coding and what is a need for coding. In the decade of late 80  early  90 computer came in the market to solve our problem .computer is only a machine which contains semiconductor devices like a diode, capacitor, resistor, transistor, etc. We created a machine with the help of these semiconductor devices called a computer. And we developed some programming languages to operates this computer. who is a programmer?  a person who knows these programming languages is called programming. And writing code is called coding. For computer science

how to check word is palindrome or not using linklist in c++

how to check word is palindrome or not using linklist in c++-> #include<iostream> using namespace std; struct node{     char data;     node * next=NULL;         node(char data){         this->data=data;         next=NULL;     } }; //node* createlinklist(int n); node* createlinklist(int  n){         char data;     cin>>data;   node * head=NULL;   if(n==0){           return head;   }   head=new node (data);   node * tail=head;   cin>>data;   while(n>1){       node * temp=NULL;       temp=new node (data);         tail->next=temp;         tail=temp;         cin>>data;         n--;           }   return head;     } bool palindrome(node *&head,node * temp){     if(temp==NULL&&head==NULL){         return false;     }     if(temp==NULL){         return true;             }    bool k= palindrome(head,temp->next);    if(k==false){        return false;    }     if(temp->data==head->data){  

how to create basic linklist in c++

how to create basic linklist in c++--> code-> #include< iostream > using namespace std ; struct node { int data ; node * next ; node ( int data ){ //constructor this ->data = data ; next = NULL ; } }; node * creatlinklist (){ //we crate function for linklist int data ; node * head = NULL ; cin >> data ; if ( data!=- 1 ){ head = new node ( data ); } else { return head ; } node * tail = NULL ; tail = head ; cin >> data ; while ( data!=- 1 ){ node * temp = NULL ; temp = new node ( data ); tail->next = temp ; tail = temp ; cin >> data ; } return head ; } void print ( node * head ){ //print fucntion while ( head ){ cout &l

pattern printing in c/c++

pattern printing in c/c++- ganesha pattern printing- Given the number of rows and columns, print the corresponding swastika pattern using loops. Note :  The number of rows and columns should be same and an odd number. This will generate a perfect swastika pattern. Input : row = 7, column = 7 Output: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() {     int n,star,space,i=0,row=1;     cin>>n;     star=(n/2)+1;     space=(n/2)-1;     for(row=1;row<=1;row++)     {         cout<<"*";         for(i=1;i<=space;i++)         {             cout<<" ";         }         for(i=1;i<=star;i++)         {             cout<<"*";         }         cout<<endl;     }     while(row<=(n/2))     {       cout<<"*";       for(i=1;i<=space;i++)       {           cout<<" ";

Important notice

Hey Regular readers of technical Keeda  . I am author of this blog and i want to inform you that i am busy for a month so i will not be able to write anything in this month. Sorry for that. We will meet with new blog post next month. Stay connected.

how to print number triangle in c language : pattern printing

how to print number  triangle in c language : pattern printing #include<stdio.h> int main() {     int i,j,k;     for(i=0;i<=5;i++)    {       for(j=0;j<=i;j++)     {         printf("%d",j);    }    printf("\n");    }    return 0; } output output doubt comment box mai puche ask doubt in comment box.