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 What is Competitive Programming/ Coding and How to Prepare for It? Competitive programming, also known as competitive coding or sport programming, is a type of intellectual sport that involves solving well-defined algorithmic and computational problems within a specified time frame. Participants, often referred to as competitive programmers, use programming languages to write efficient and correct solutions to these problems. Here's a guide on how to prepare for competitive programming: 1. Learn a Programming Language: Choose a programming language you are comfortable with. Popular choices include C++, Java, and Python . Most competitive programming platforms support multiple languages. 2. Understand Data Structures and Algorithms: Gain a strong understanding of fundamental data structures (arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees) and algorithms (sorting, searching, dynamic programming, greedy algorithms). Learn advanced data structures (heaps, hash tables, segment trees) and

Career Portal of different software companies | Job for software engineer

Career Portal of different software companies | Job for software engineer  Top 58 companies' career portals for software engineers -   Company Career Portal Link 1. TCS : 2. Infosys : 3. Wipro: 4. Cognizant: 5. LTI: 6. Capgemini: 7. DXC Technology: 8. HCL: 9. Hashedin: 10. Hexaware: 11. Revature: 12. IBM: 13. Nagarro: 14. Virtusa: 15. Zoho: 16. CGI: 17. Finastra: 18. FIS: 19. Fiserv: 20. IQVIA : 21. JIO: 22. MAQ Software: