codeforces rating system | Codeforces rating Newbie to Legendary Grandmaster

 Codeforces rating system | Codeforces rating Newbie to Legendary Grandmaster-

Codeforces is one of the most popular platforms for competitive programmers and codeforces rating matters a lot Competitive Programming teaches you to find the easiest solution in the quickest possible way. CP enhances your problem-solving and debugging skills giving you real-time fun. It's brain-sport. As you start solving harder and harder problems in live-contests your analytical and rational thinking intensifies.
To have a good codeforces profile makes a good impression on the interviewer. If you have a good codeforces profile so it is very easy to get a referral for product base company like amazon, google , facebook etc.So in this blog I have explained everything about codeforces rating system.

What are different titles on codeforces-

based on rating codeforces divide rating into 10 part.
  1. Newbie
  2. Pupil
  3. Specialist
  4. Expert
  5. Candidate Codemaster
  6. Master
  7. International Master
  8. Grandmaster
  9. International Grandmaster
  10. Legendary Grandmaster
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Rating BoundsColorTitleDivisionNumberNumber (by color)
2900+RedLegendary Grandmaster14183
2600 — 2899RedInternational Grandmaster146
2400 — 2599RedGrandmaster1133
2300 — 2399OrangeInternational Master1163380
2200 — 2299OrangeMaster1217
1900 — 2199VioletCandidate Master112531253
1600 — 1899BlueExpert250955095
1400 — 1599CyanSpecialist282028202
1200 — 1399GreenPupil257365736
0 — 1199GrayNewbie223192319

Codeforces Rating Distribution-

coeforces active user based on their rating 

codeforces rating

Competitive programming is a mind sport usually held over the Internet or a local network, involving participants trying to program according to provided specifications. Contestants are referred to as sport programmers. Wikipedia

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