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c programming/ for loop in c

                                      c# programming

for loop in c

Loop in c language- c# programming

C  language mai jab kise statement ko hum  baar baar reapeat krwana chate hai to uske liye loop ka use kiya  jata hai
Loop ek type ka action statement hai
C language mai 3 type k loop hote hai

1-  While loop

2-      Do while  loop
3-      For loop

Chalo ab while loop ko  example se se smjhte hai:-
Agar mai apne  naam ko screen pe 5 baar print krwana chahta hu to mujhe ya to 5 baar printf function ka use krna padega ya 5 baar apna naam likhna padega

But agar mai baar baar likhne se bachana chahta hu toh loop ka use krte hai
Int x;
 //yaha bracket k under condition likhi jati hai agar ye condition true ho to while loop  ka block   chalega agar false ho to nhi chalega yaha maine likha hai ki agar enter kiya gya no 5 se chota hai to while ka box chalao nhi to mat chalao ek baar while ka box chal jaye to condition fir se check kri jayegi agar fir se dobara condition shi hogi to dobara while ka box chalega fir 3rd bar fir 4th baar jitni baar condition shi hogi utni baar while ka box chalega agar maine 4 enter kiya hai to 5>4 to humesha true hoga iss condition mai ye ek infinite  loop bannn jayega aur naam infinite baar print hoga jo ki hum nhi chahte ki humara program not ending program bane iss liye hum flow ko define krte hai jo maine next bracket mai define kiya hai  c# programming

  // x++ flow hai agar hum aisa nhi likhte to naam infine baar print ho jayega iska mtlb ye hai ki jo number humne enter kiya h next time uss se 1 badkar number ki value check hogi for example maine 4 enter kiya to mera naam sirf ek baar print hoga 3 kiya to 2 baar 2 kiya to 3 baar 1 kiya to 4 baar naam print hoga kyuki jb tk while ki condition shi hai tb tk while ka box chalega


Iss tarah se while loop ka use kiya jata hai
To loop ki practice kijiye

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