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ola cab booking

ola cab booking

ola cab booking- ola ek indain online transportation company hai jo online services provide karati hai aap iss blog pe aaye ho to aap logo ke mann mai ola cab booking ko lekar sawal honge to aaj hum iss article mai ola cab booking  step by step hi baat karenge. 

2017 ki  ek report ke hisaab se ola company  ki value 3 billion $ ki ho chuki hai  ola 3 december 2010 ko launch hui thi dosto ola company
ke  founder bhavish aggrawal aur ankit bhati hai jinhone ola jaise company India ko di.

ola aapko kafi achi services provide krti hai jaise ki  ola cab mai aapko AC  aur music system bhi milta hai jis se aapki ride aur bhi suvidha janak ho jati  hai
lekin bhut se cities mai ola ki services abi chalu nhi hai ye kuch hi main main city mai hai jaise ki delhi, mumbai , chandigarh etc.

agar aap kahi anjaan jagah mai fas jate hain aur aapko rasta ka bilkul bhi anumaan nhi hai to aise mai aap ola cab  ka istemaal kr skte hain aise wqt mai ola cab aapke bhut kaam aa skti hai

aaj ka yeh article unn logo ke liye hai jo phle baar ola cab use kar rhe hai to chaliye suru krte hain ola cab booking

step 1- sbse phle ola cab app play store se  download kar le. ya iss diye daye link se download kr le

ola cab

step 2- ab aapko uss ola cab application  ko open krna  hai aur uspe apna phone number dalna hai aur aapke number pe ek OTPaayega usse verify krna hoga.

ola cab number varify

step 3-ab aapke samne location and phone ki permission aayegi usse aapko allow krna hai.
bina location aur phone ki permission allow kiye aap ola ki service ka fyda nhi utha skte.

ola cab

ola cab

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step 4- bas ab aapka app ready hai istemaal ke liye ab aapko pickup location dalni hai jaha se aapko ride book krni hai.

ola cab booking

step-5 usse ke niche aapko drop location dalni hai jaha aapko jana hai.

ola cab booking

step 6- aapko kis pe ride krni hai  isske bhi  bhut sare option mil jayenge jaise ki mini,
micro, prime,auto ya share, lux etc inme se aap koi bhi select kr sakte ho.

ola cab booking

step 7- itna sbkuch krne ke baad aapko apni ride ka rate display hoga agar aapko
thik rate lgta hai to ride now pe click kare.

step 8- ab apke screen pe driver ki details and OTP display hoga jo aapko ride krne se phle driver ko btana
hoga.bas kuch hi time baad ola cab aapke pass pahunch jayegi.

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