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how to learn coding ? what should be road map of learning to code.

what should be a road map of learning to code?-

Do you want to develop your own game, software, mobile application and website? Do you want to learn to code and don't know how to start coding? so I think you are the right place. here today I will tell you what should be a road map of learning to code and how to learn coding.
let's begin.

I guess you all are a little bit familiar with coding. I hope you all know what is coding and what is a need for coding.
In the decade of late 80  early  90 computer came in the market to solve our problem .computer is only a machine which contains semiconductor devices like a diode, capacitor, resistor, transistor, etc. We created a machine with the help of these semiconductor devices called a computer. And we developed some programming languages to operates this computer.

how to start coding

who is a programmer?

 a person who knows these programming languages is called programming. And writing code is called coding.

For computer science student =>

hello, reader basically there is three major fields of computer science. 
  • competitive programming 
  •   research 
  • development 

Let me discussed these field one by one -

competitive programming ->

how to start coding

Competitive programming is solving well-defined problems by writing computer programs under specified limits.
you have given a well-described problem  . you have to solve this problem under certain constraints of time and space. this is known as competitive programming.

a company like Google, Amazon, facebook ask this type of problem in their interview. 
You can practice questions on codechef, hackerrank or  geeksforgeek.


in the research field, you research new stuff that can be possible in the computer science field.
for getting admission to top institutions Indian government conducts many exams. you can pursue your master's degree. After getting admission into the top institution you research in the field of computer science under the instruction of your professor.
If you are interested in Reseach so it can be a good choice for you.

Development field-

we have talked about 2 fields in computer science till now. 
Development is another major and vast field of computer science. here you implement some practical things and develop something which can be used by the user.
To develop a game, APP, software, websites, etc comes under this field. Here you show your actual knowledge about coding. Based on your coding skills, you can develop your own game, APP, software, websites and a lot of stuff. 
Developement field indeed very intresting. 
how to make app

  How to start coding-

umm, this is quite a good question. if you have zero knowledge of coding no need to worry about it.
Everyone is a beginner who is reading this post.
If you little bit serious and you are thinking about learning to code then it is a good time to boost your coding skill. You should start your coding journey from now.  Here are lots of stuff to learn in computer science.  you can grab a high paying salary if you have good knowledge of programming. So don't waste your time and do something genuine. I hope I gave you a rough idea of how to start coding. If you are satisfied to share this post with your friends and colleagues.


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