solid rectangle Pattern Programs in C, C++, using stars| Pattern Printing Programs in C, C++,

 Solid  rectangle Pattern Programs in C, C++,  using stars| Pattern Printing  Programs in C, C++ 

Pattern printing is one of the most powerful tools to boost your programming skill. Whenever you learn a new language it is necessary to learn pattern printing 

  • Pattern programs best means to study the working of looping structures in general-purpose programming languages.
  • It helps beginners visualize how every iteration in a loop works.
  • Also popularly asked in campus placements & job interviews.
Here we will start with some basic pattern printing program and cover some good patterns too Let's go good luck.

First Program How to print solid rectangle Pattern -

You have to print a solid rectangle in c++ using star as mentioned  in image below.

Pattern Printing Programs in C, C++

actually, it is a very simple pattern program.

Logic -

First Count number of row and collum or you can say find what is length and width of the rectangle.
let's suppose length is 20 and the width is 5 .
iterate through the width of the rectangle and in each iteration print star exact length time of rectangle.
for this logic, you need 2 nested loop.

Code implementation-



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