How to improve Competitive programming ? competitive programming guide

How to improve Competitive programming - 

I've been receiving many messages about how to practice and improve in competitive programming, in this post I will share some tips that helped me a lot to improve and become a Candidate Master on Codeforces.

How to improve Competitive programming ? competitive programming guide

- The most important thing, Separate thinking from coding.. think on paper NOT on PC, don't start coding till you are sure of your idea.

- Participate in official contests and ALWAYS upsolve 1 or 2 problems that you couldn't solve during the contest.

- A tip that helped me improve faster, don't spend days on problems.. just think in it for 30 - 45 minutes then go ahead and read the tutorial.. It doesn't matter whether you could solve it by yourself or had to read the tutorial, the most important thing is that you thought about the problem for 30 - 45 minutes before reading the tutorial.

- When you decide to read the tutorial, don't read it all at once, read 1 - 2 lines then think for a while before continuing reading.. Those 1 - 2 lines can call your attention to something you weren't aware of.

- Solve problems that are slightly above your level. Measure your progress every 20 problems, if you were able to solve 70% by yourself then you should increase the difficulty (I use Codeforces difficulty tags to practice).

These point shared by a great competitive programmer.(Unknown )


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