Vaccine Production December Long challenge Problem Solution

 Problem Statement-

This problem is taken from codechef December long challenge.Let's read Problems statement.

Increasing COVID cases have created panic amongst the people of Chefland, so the government is starting to push for production of a vaccine. It has to report to the media about the exact date when vaccines will be available.

There are two companies which are producing vaccines for COVID. Company A starts producing vaccines on day D1 and it can produce V1 vaccines per day. Company B starts producing vaccines on day D2 and it can produce V2 vaccines per day. Currently, we are on day 1.

We need a total of P vaccines. How many days are required to produce enough vaccines? Formally, find the smallest integer d such that we have enough vaccines at the end of the day d.


  • The first and only line of the input contains five space-separated integers D1V1D2V2 and P.


Print a single line containing one integer ― the smallest required number of days.


  • 1D1,V1,D2,V2100
  • 1P1,000


Subtask #1 (30 points): D1=D2=1

Subtask #2 (70 points): original constraints

Example Input 1

1 2 1 3 14

Example Output 1



Since D1=D2=1, we can produce V1+V2=5 vaccines per day. In 3 days, we produce 15 vaccines, which satisfies our requirement of 14 vaccines.

Example Input 2

5 4 2 10 100

Example Output 2



There are 0 vaccines produced on the first day, 10 vaccines produced on each of days 23 and 4, and 14 vaccines produced on the fifth and each subsequent day. In 9 days, it makes a total of 0+103+145=100 vaccines.

Vaccine Production December Long challenge  Problem Solution

Solution -

Hint- This Problem can be solved using brute force approach.

THis is very easy and it can be solved using the brute force approach .
You can refer my code below.
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