Community Bonding Period LibreHealth GSOC 2021


Hi, This is Mahavir. This is the very first blog that I am writing during the community bonding period.Today is 31 May and it’s been 13 days since the GSOC result was announced. So let’s have a look at how I spent the community bonding period till now.

My Project-

Improve LibreHealth Toolkit Cost of Care Explorer.

Currently, This project working on the flutter 1.22.6 version, and my first task to upgrade this project to flutter the latest version and null safety. Till now I did some research about flutter's latest version and read about the latest version of dependencies that are used in this project. During this research, I found that GPS dependency is not updated to null safety this was a blockage to upgrade this project.

I discussed this issue with my mentor and muarachmann upgraded this package to null safety.


Stay tuned for the next blog.

Happy coding.


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