Coding Period week 1 GSOC 2021 LibreHealth

Coding Period week 1 GSOC 2021 LibreHealth-

Hey, Reader's we are in 1st week of the coding period.

The coding period started on 8th June. I started working with the Cost of care flutter Application it was really exciting.

What progress have you made this week-

In the first week of the coding period, I have done the following thing with the cost of care flutter application.

1-upgraded project to futter latest version 2.2.1.

2- dart migrate to null safety. 

3-Updated all dependencies that are used in the project to their latest version.

4-Replaced Deprecated Widget.

5-some of the methods were deprecated I updated them too. 


My plan for next week-

1-I will implement a bookmark feature to the chargemaster.
2-UI modification of download CDM screen.

During 1st week I sent one  Merge request to the development Branch but I was struggling with pipeline failure. Then I asked my mentors they helped me to fix the pipeline. The pipeline was failing because some of the bloc test methods and Dio library methods were deprecated. 

This is all about 1st week of the coding period.I really enjoyed it.

See you next week.


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