Week 7 Coding period GSOC 2021 LibreHealth


 Week 7 Coding period GSOC 2021 LibreHealth-

Hey, Reader's we are in the 17th week of the coding period.

The 7th week started on 16th July. This week I was working on web application nearby hospital feature.

What progress have you made this week-

In the 7th week of the coding period, I have done the following thing with the cost of care web application.

1-Added Nearby Hospital to the Home screen of web app using the overpass api.

2- UI change of Home Screen.

3- added search by address and name filter to hospital.

4- sent 1 MR.

link - https://gitlab.com/librehealth/toolkit/cost-of-care/lh-toolkit-cost-of-care-explorer/-/merge_requests/12

My plan for next week- I have planned to do the following task for week 8

1-UI build for compare hospital with star rating.
2-Add compare Hospital Screen flutter app.

I enjoyed working on this feature and I am excited about next week's task.

See you next week.


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