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Entire work summary GSOC 2021 coding period || final wrap up blog

 Entire work summary GSOC 2021 coding period -

Hey, reader Welcome to my blog.  In this blog post, I am going to share my entire work during GSOC 2021 coding period. take a cup of coffee and enjoy this blog post. 

The coding period for GSoC 2021 started in June month. I was very excited about the coding period. I was part of Improve LibreHealth Toolkit Cost of Care Explorer Project. The goal of this project is to improve the existing flutter application and web application.  Robby O'Connor and Mua Rachmann  
mentoring me in this project. 

Task Done during GSOC 2021 coding period - 
1- migrated flutter application to null safety 
As soon as the coding period has begun I choose to improve the cost of care flutter application. 
Since this flutter application was not migrated to null safety I migrated it to null safety.
link of work -

2- added bookmark feature 
I added a bookmark feature by using this feature we can bookmark a hospital and check its 
chargemaster faster. this feature combined with MR 89.

Unit testing plays important role in any product development. Unit testing for inpatient and outpatient procedures was unimplemented. I wrote test files for inpatient and outpatient procedures. 

added search bar to compare hospitals for a smooth comparison experience.

Added search by address to chargemaster /CDM.

After this, I started working on cost of care web application and helped to improve user experience.

In the web application, I added the Nearby hospital feature using overpass API. I added the list of all nearby hospitals within the 15km range and added a search by address and name filter to it.

7- Compare hospitals rating - I added a new unimplemented compare US hospitals feature with a star rating. for that, I convert the excel file to JSON and added all necessary comparison parameters.

8- last but not least I wrote unit Testing for react app using jest. Unit testing ensures that all code meets quality standards before it's deployed.

I am very happy that I am part of GSOC 2021. During the coding period, I faced many challenges and blockers and with the help of mentors, I fixed them. I gain priceless knowledge from GSOC 2021. Though this is the end of GSoC 2021 but not the end of my open source journey.

Thank you 



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