Week 9 Coding period GSOC 2021 LibreHealth


 Week 9 Coding period GSOC 2021 LibreHealth-

Hey, Reader's we are in the 9th week of the coding period.

The 9th week started on 30 July. This week I completed the Hospital Rating feature.

What progress have you made this week-

In the 9th week of the coding period, I have done the following thing with the cost of care web application.

1-Completed Hospital Rating feature. 

2- designed hospital rating UI.

3- Displayed Comparison data into the table.

4- send I MR.

MR link - https://gitlab.com/librehealth/toolkit/cost-of-care/lh-toolkit-cost-of-care-explorer/-/merge_requests/14

My plan for next week- I have planned to do the following task for week 10

1-Writing Unit testing for web app.
2-complete the previous task.

UI for hospital rating designed based on my mentor Mua Rachmann's suggestion. He suggested displaying comparison data into tabular form and it is looking decent now. Thank you Mua Rachmann.

See you next week.


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