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11 marketing trends not to be missed in 2024

2023 was the year of inclusiveness, trust, humanization and participation!

As 2024 has finally arrived, let's take the time to consult the marketing oracles

to anticipate the 11 trends to integrate into your marketing strategy!

1. The rise of hyper-personalization of content

In 2024, hyper-personalization is emerging as an unavoidable trend in
marketing, radically transforming the way businesses interact with their
Recognizing the growing importance of creating unique and meaningful
experiences, brands are investing heavily in advanced technologies such as
artificial intelligence and machine learning to deeply analyze consumer

Annual music recap, Spotify

This approach goes beyond simple personalization by using the recipient's

name in an email; it aims to understand individual preferences, purchasing

habits and even emotions to offer highly relevant content.

This shift towards hyper-personalization represents a step change in the way

brands communicate, highlighting the need to deeply understand the

consumer to deliver unique and memorable experiences.

Hyper-personalization of content will also be powered by the advanced use

of artificial intelligence (AI). Businesses are adopting AI-powered solutions to

analyze huge volumes of behavioral and transactional data, enabling a deep

understanding of individual needs and preferences.

Using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and data

analytics, brands can not only segment their audience more finely but also

predict emerging trends, delivering personalized experiences even before the

consumer actively searches for them. This level of precision in understanding

consumer behavior is crucial in today's competitive landscape, and it extends

beyond traditional marketing strategies. Incorporating innovative approaches

like Wikipedia page creation can further enhance a brand's visibility and

credibility, ensuring that relevant information is readily available to the target

audience on a platform known for its global reach.

This strategic use of AI redefines the line between personalization and

prediction, paving the way for more relevant and engaging interactions

between brands and their audiences.

2. Employees as brand ambassadors

According to an Alkene study, 49% of consumers abandon a brand if its
employees are not well informed. Not to mention that a bad attitude among
employees prevents visitors from converting.
Never forget that your teams are the human face of your company. To make
them ambassadors in 2024:

  • Offer them training to better understand your products.

  • Allow them to post content about your company culture, products and
services: help them by providing a guide and ready-made posts to share on
social media.

  • Highlight their expertise by inviting them to write articles for the blog: interview them in videos, present their profile on social networks, etc.

3. Artificial automation

In 2024, automation powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is positioned at the
heart of marketing strategies, redefining operational processes and
improving overall efficiency.
Companies are increasingly integrating AI-based automation solutions to
optimize repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up time for higher
value-added activities. Intelligent catboats powered by sophisticated
algorithms ensure instant and personalized customer interactions, improving
customer satisfaction while reducing the workload of customer service
Likewise, in the field of digital marketing, advertising campaigns are
increasingly managed by automated systems that adjust budgets, targeting
and content in real time based on past performance and predefined
This AI-powered automation delivers unprecedented agility, enabling
businesses to remain responsive in an ever-changing marketing landscape,
while maximizing operational efficiency and optimizing results.

4. Hybrid marketing

Digital or physical? Which channel to favor? Both! Although more and more
consumers are ordering products or services online, they still rely on physical
stores. The next challenge for companies therefore remains to offer a hybrid
experience. 75% of companies are already preparing to invest in this
experience, according to the Deloitte report.

To succeed with your hybrid marketing strategy:

  • Use consistent branding across all media and channels.
  • Create a seamless experience at every touchpoint: If a customer sees aproduct in your store or at a trade show, they should find it on your digital product in your store or at a trade show, they should find it on your digital channels.

  •  Adapt content to each platform.
  •  Collect data at each point of contact: collect information from prospects met n person and add it to your CRM to contact them via digital means later (email, SMS, LinkedIn, etc.)

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5. Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing focuses on creating a user experience based on the
brand, not just the product. Experiences vary between companies and
sectors. Corporate events, webinars, and contests are some of the most
common examples of experiential marketing.
Consider the tech giant Apple. It recently hosted “photo walks,” in which an
employee guides consumers around a location and teaches them how to
take great photos from their iPhone.
Experiential marketing allows customers to engage with the brand and
connect with its values ​​and personality. In 2024, we will see more and more
local and real events, organized by companies.

6. Programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing is the automation of the purchase of advertising
space. A strategy that allows you to delegate the bidding process to an
algorithm to devote more time to optimizing campaigns.

Many brands now allocate up to 54% of their advertising budgets to
programmatic marketing. This technique facilitates real-time data analysis
and audience targeting. Many more brands will certainly adopt it in 2024.

7. Customer service powered by Artificial Intelligence

AI makes it possible to integrate two marketing strategies:

  • Propose the right offers to customers at the right time;
  •  Provide excellent after-sales service;
AI can read signals and detect in real time whether a visitor intends to
purchase, upgrade their account, or even cancel their subscription. By
integrating it into your customer experience, you can automatically provide
unique and relevant offers.
However, robots are not enough. It is essential to maintain a human side in
your customer service. For example, a Chabot that only offers automated
interactions may lead the customer to believe that the company values
​​savings over helpfulness.
Consumers must be able to alert a “human” at any point during the

8. The impact of authenticity

In 2024, the quest for authentic impact in marketing intensifies, with
companies seeking to build deeper connections with their audiences by
adopting bold and transparent approaches.
A prominent example of this trend comes from Patagonia, which captured the
public's attention during Black Friday by launching a unique campaign with  
the slogan “Don't Buy This Jacket”. This provocative initiative aimed to raise awareness of the consequences of overconsumption and encouraged consumers to think before buying impulsively. By emphasizing sustainability and responsibility, Patagonia not only created a memorable impact, but also strengthened its brand image focused on authentic values. Today's consumers are looking for brands that not only sell products, but also embody ethical principles. Thus, the emphasis on transparency and authentic engagement is emerging as an effective marketing strategy for building lasting and meaningful relationships with an increasingly aware and demanding customer base.

9. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality more accessible

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality offer the possibility of creating
interactive and creative advertisements. With the launch of the Facebook met
averse, these technologies have reached a new level.
In 2020, the size of the AR/VR market exceeded billions of euros. In 2024, this
figure is expected to reach 63.5 billion euros. For what? Because these
technologies are becoming more advanced, more accessible and above all
less expensive. 2024 will therefore be the start of the big leap into
virtualization for many companies.
Recent marketing campaigns incorporating AR or VR include the clothing
brand Balenciaga. The latter now allows Fortnight players to purchase virtual
outfits, from the brand, directly in the game.

10. AI at the service of influencer marketing

It was estimated that the influencer market would pass the 13 billion mark in
2022, but the figures turn out to be much higher: influencer marketing would 
be worth nearly 16.4 billion dollars. The majority of marketers dedicate more
than 20% of their spending to influencer marketing.

The next phase will be the widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence to
detect the most relevant influencers. Indeed, algorithms are capable of
viewing and analyzing millions of content from influencers in just a few
moments. They can therefore provide a precise selection of potential partners
to meet your objectives.

The other impact of AI will be the growing popularization of virtual
influencers. These fictional characters, created by algorithms, are gaining
popularity among Generation Z. This trend has been accentuated by the
launch of virtual spaces such as Facebook's Met averse.

Samsung has also partnered with the most famous virtual influencer, Lil
Miquelon, for its #Team Galaxy campaign.

11. Marketing embraces streaming

More and more brands are starting to diversify their content to offer
customers more than just products and services.

The famous CRM Salesforce recently announced the launch of Salesforce+. A
streaming service aimed at businesses, employees of all levels and from all

Content ranges from podcasts and series to live experiences and expert
interviews. A unique way to attract prospects and convince them of the
company's expertise. This high value-added content will inevitably have a
positive impact on the audience and should boost Salesforce sales.

Another convincing example: Mail chimp! The emailing tool offers numerous
shows on its “Presents” platform. It offers, on demand, podcasts,
documentaries, series or short films produced by its in-house studio. The objective is to demonstrate one's creativity, while helping one's audience 
solve their problems or find inspiration.


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